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Our Approach


We believe that healthy skin is a sign of a healthy body. Nordic people have been admired for centuries for not only how they look, but the resilience and strength of their bodies. The secret- Nordic land is unpolluted and full of truly effective resilient ingredients. That's why we bring you these ingredients, together with the latest effective way to penetrate into the skin, so your skin can become radiant and well hydrated. Healthy skin leads to healthy mind, which leads to a healthy body- it's a beautiful circle!

Our Story


After moving from Estonia to live in New York City, Viking Beauty founder, Eha Urbsalu, found that her skin started breaking out and lost it's elasticity that it had before.

After visiting her mother, who was over 80 years old, and seeing that mom still had rosy cheeks and healthy skin, Eha realized that the secret was to not use the chemicals and to return to using the nordic unpolluted ingredients that her mother used in Estonia.

Meet the Team


Industry experts combining their wisdom in Health and Beauty, working with the secrets of northern unpolluted ingredients, bringing you an affordable natural skincare products.


Eha Urbsalu

Founder & CEO


Why use Nordic ingredients

Nordic land

Northern Europe is environmentally friendly and eco-progressive region, possessing a wide range of natural flora used for centuries in skin care products. Moreover, given the relatively small populations of the Northern European regions relative to their geographic size, vast tracts of land are unspoiled by industrial development, leaving nature undisturbed.

Wild Nordic Ingredients

All ingredients of the Viking Beauty products are natural. We use ingredients from wild plants harvested in the islands of Estonia.

Next Steps...

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