Hydro Mist


Hydro Mist spray contains only natural ingredients. Use daily for overall skin health, plumper & hydrated skin.

Day Cream

Viking Beauty all natural Day Cream targets lines and wrinkles while hydrating and tightening the skin.

Eye Cream

The delicate area around the eyes alway needs special attention. Viking Beauty all natural Eye Cream smoothes the wrinkles while hydrates and tightens the sensitive skin around the eyes.

VB Ema saialilled 2016

Unpolluted natural northern ingredients

All ingredients of the Viking Beauty products are natural. We use ingredients from wild plants harvested in the islands of Estonia.

New Products

We are always ready to discover more Viking beauty secrets. Tell us your own or your mom's or grandma's beauty secrets and we'll try to put it into a new product. If it's a great one, you'll be rewarded!

Eha Hiiumaal

Next Steps...

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